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ReinaStores easy Pillowform Pillows instructions.


using pillow form inserts
Couch Pillows

Couch Pillows using pillow form inserts
sewing machine or needle and thread
pillow insert forms
1. Cut two pieces of fabric to the desired size of the pillow, making sure to add extra for the seam allowance
2. Place the two pieces of cut fabric with wrong sides together and stitch around three of the four sides. On the fourth side, sew around the corners and leave an opening to insert the pillow form.
3. Turn the fabric right side out and insert the form.
4. Pin the opening closed and hand-stitch shut.
Envelope Pillow using pillow forms inserts
fabric (2 different fabrics)
sewing machine
measuring tape
pillow form
1. Cut out front and back pieces of main fabric to desired size of pillow (plus 1/2" for the seam allowance).
2. Cut one piece of the other fabric to the same size and fold in half.
3. Place the folded fabric on top of the front of the pillow, match up the raw edges and pin in place.
4. Make long narrow ties out of fabric. Fold them in half and stitch evenly on the folded edge of the contrasting fabric.
5. Place the right sides of the front and back fabric together, pin in place and sew a straight stitch on three sides.
6. Turn the pillow right side out and insert the pillow form. Sew the fourth side shut.

Make Round Throw Pillow using pillow form insert
sewing machine
measuring tape
pillow form
upholstery needle
1. First determine what size you want your pillow to be. Lay out your fabric, take a measuring tape and measure the length of pillow. Using a pencil or fabric marker, trace a circle with the measuring tape.
2. Cut two pieces of fabric according to desired measurements plus ½ inch for the seam allowance.
3. Sew a piece of cording around the edge of one piece of fabric.
4. Place the two pieces of fabric right side together and sew ¾ of the way around.
5. Turn the pillow right side out, insert the pillow form and hand stitch closed.
6. Using an upholstery needle sew a button on each side.

Wholesale pillow form

Manufacturer direct Square Wholesale Pillow Forms of all sizes.

Eyelet Lace

Wholesale Eyelet Lace Wholesale prices on our large selection of Eyelet lace.

Wholesale pillow form

Neck Roll Wholesale Pillow Forms

pillow form

Round Wholesale Pillow Forms

Wholesale Pillow insert forms by are manufacture using 100% Polyester fiber filling, Polypropylene or cotton covers. Enjoy our low Wholesale manufacturer prices for top quality pillow form inserts. With NO MINIMUMS. Buy one pillowform insert or as many pillow forms as you like. No limits!

  • 100% durable bonded synthetic polyester pillow forms inserts covering
  • 100% polyester filling fiberfil
  • Non-allergenic pillow forms
  • Each pillow form insert remains resilient wash after wash

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Our product lines, are always growing, so please continue to check this site for a bigger selection of wholesale products to be offered in the near future including additional polyester pillow form insert sizes. Future products will include Cushions, Pillowforms, decorative bolster throw pillow inserts, neck roll, neck roll pillow form, square pillow form, neckroll, rectangle pillow form, round pillow form, Dresses, Handbags, Tablecloths, Fabric Napkins, Pillow cases, Bedsheets, and many more. Many new items to come will be produced and manufactured by Reina Esperanza Company


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